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Exhibitors and concessionaires from the previous year are usually offered the opportunity to return, but are not guaranteed. New applicants are selected based on the uniqueness of products/services, booth design (ability to set a professional and attractive display), application presentation, experience, availability of space, and appropriateness of product type for available space. Completing an application does not guarantee space. The application will be held on file until all space is sold. Regardless of the status of the application, applicants are notified as soon as a determination has been made.

Each year, the Greater Gulf State Fair provides thousands of ways to build your business. In 2019, GGSF had over 100,000 visitors and surveys show that 80 percent of our guests visit Fair vendors.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Fair Manager, Pascale de Gruy, at pascale@mobilefair.com.